Other Research Interests

Classical Fluid Waves

We are doing video analysis of wave-induced drift flow in a circular wave tank.  Standing, and rotationally polarized waves have interesting non-linear interactions between their resonant modes, which include DC flow.  A video camera and computer tracks the position of a tracer particle revealing oscillatory mode and drift motion simultaneously.   These classical nonlinear interactions compliment the superfluid swirling experiments.

Superconducting Analogies

Andreev reflection associated with normal to super conversion should also lead to stimulated amplification of AC superconducting modes, for the same reasons as the third sound.  Plans are in the works for a junction amplifier based on this principle.

Vortex Modeling

We are working on simulations of vortex annealing in an attempt to model the pinned vortices left over from the "big bang" of the Kosterlitz-Thouless transition.  In a simple model involving only a friction-like dissipation, all physical parameters are scaled away, and the remnant vortex density is a unitless number, approximately 0.072.  Interpretation: if an isolated pair of vortices (within the model) just de-pin at a threshold distance of L, the annealed density is 0.072/L2.

Pure Mathematical Recreations


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