Theses with Fred M. Ellis
Department of Physics, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT 06459

Graduate theses are in bold.

Bahar Jafari Zadeh, M.A., 2021, "Noise in Amplified PT-Symmetric Systems"

Ekram Towsif, '21, "Development of Raspberry Pi Magnetic Feedback Control System to Explore the Dynamics of a Parity Time-Symmetric Two-Dipole Model"

Mahboobeh Chitsazi, Ph.D., 2018, "Experimental Studies of a UHF Driven PT Dimer"

Joseph Natter, '17, "Turbulence in Superfluid 4He Films around Substrate Defects"

Joe Schindler, M.A., 2013, "PT Symmetric Electronics"

Yudhiakto Pramudya, Ph.D., 2013, "Improvements in the Construction and Detection Electronics of a Third Sound Resonator Used for the Observation of Stimulated Condensation in Superfluid 4He"

Nick Jackson, '11, "Dynamic Vortex Drag"

Anand Swaminathan, '09, "Vortex Dissipation in Superfluid Third Sound Flows"

Rene Sher, '07, "Desorption Properties of Porous Media: Aerogel and Safety of Hydrogen Fuel Storage"

Ian Carbone, '06, "Steady State and Transient Third Sound Resonances"

Avishek Chattergee, '06, "Vortex Anealing in 4He Films"

Tim Schwartz, '03, "Using a Classical Wave Computer"

Shenyi Wu, '03, "Vortex Pinning and Liquid Helium Films"

Adam Papallo, '03, "Aerogel: A Study in Elastic Moduli and Diffusion"

Sergei A. Jerebets, PH.D., 2002, "Resonator Design for the Observation of Third Sound Amplification by Stimulated Condensation (TASC)"

Tom Sangrey, Ph.D., 2002, (with Kara Beauchamp),

Seungwook Ma, M.A.,1999, "Vortex Activation in Superfluid Films"

Crista Wilson, Ph.D., 1998, "Swirling Superfluid 4He Films"

Marc Carnehan 97, "Vortex Pair Energies" (?)

Alex Corwin, '95, "Induced Flow Fields in an Ether Resonator"

April Alderdice, '94, "Photovoltaic-Battery Systems from Design to Desert"

Greg Denbeaux, '93, "Nonlinear Mode Coupling in an Ether Resonator"

Jens Hube, '93, "Steady Streaming and Surface Deformations in Progressive and Standing Waves"

Daryl Tulimieri, '93, "The Continued Development of a Scanning Tunneling Microscope and a Preliminary Investigation of the Topography of Evaporated Au Films on Glass"

Hai Luo, Ph.D., 1992, "Third Sound Resonance Detection of Superfluid Circulation"

William Cahill, '92, "Investigation of the Effect of Barrier Height for Gold STM Images"

Oliver Ryan, '92, "Vortices in Liquid Helium"

Jason Fiering, '90, "Continued Development of a Scanning Tunneling Microscope"

Todd Holbrook, M.A., 1989, "Electrostatic Perturbations in a Third Sound Resonator" (?)

Bruce Ravel, '89, "Development of a Novel STM"

Jon Frank, '87, "Double and Single Open Resonator Cells" (?)

Mike Platek, M.A., 1986, "Third Sound Resonator" (?)